Five Things You Don't Know About Me

1) I changed my last name when I was 20, after much contemplation. It bugged my mother to no end and just confused everyone else. The two biggest reasons? I hated my last name and really craved my own identity. Check and check.

The Raven became part of my totem when I was 11 and believe it or not the deep connection I felt for Celtic mythology in my teens heavily influenced the choice of my last name. My gothic leanings and fascination with death lead me right to the Morrigan. So there you go.

2) Singing was my first love and I always dreamed of growing up to be a rock star like Janet Jackson. I walked away from that dream because they kept telling me I needed to lose weight and lighten my hair. Singing means so much to me.....but not enough to lose myself.

This is a song I wrote when I was 18 and recorded about ten years ago. Still get excited when it pops on my mp3 player. 

3) My Meyers Briggs? INFJ. Bet you didn't see that coming.

4) I am a closet girlie girl who loves travel, B movies and photography

5) I wrote my very first poem at the age five about New Orleans. My parents could never figure out how I even knew about it.


  1. :) love this..

  2. On Sunday when we were talking it reminded me that you really should get back into singing and perhaps a band. Forget what people have told you about what you "can't" do, you can do whatever you want. Look at Adele and look at Esperanza Spaulding, they don't fit the Hollywood version of singers but have WONDERFUL voices and so do you. xoxo