St. George, oh my stars

This is a repost from 2011 of when I got magically transported to St. George Spirits and met the crew behind all that goodness. It is even better than you ever imagined. When ever you're ready to go, do give me a call.....

While talking up St. George to my volunteer partner for the day at Eat Real, a guy stopped to drop a few pieces of info on us. I laughed and said 'I'm a local, and a huge fan, so I know!' Just my (awesome crazy) luck that it would be one of the distillers in the flesh!

The distillery is magnificent. Let's make something!

Now we've been fans for close to 10 years and essentially love each product more than the last. I got a chance to try a sip of the Mt. Tam gin and I all I can say is that I fell in love. I have never been much a gin drinker, but this is not your ordinary gin, by any means. This is the sort of gin that makes blues singers leave their lovers for a quick cuddle with a bottle, the sort of spirit that doesn't need additions to make it palatable. Even better, there are three to choose from, each distinctly different from the other.

My personal suggestion is take the time to visit them. If you take the bus, you have a rather nice, peaceful stroll in almost utter silence. It is a great reset with just a few minutes of feeling as though you are walking through a ghost town, before you enter the warm, loving embrace of St. George. I'm not being funny: these people spread their love through the air and it comes through with every sip. Passion for their product appears to be true love: Dave, Andie, Lance, Sasha and Paulie, the members of the St. George family I have met, are a true pleasure to be around. Their enthusiasm is 100% genuine.

Buddha's Hand lurks in a jar
Paulie started me off with some great advice for trying spirits:
1) Don't swirl
2) Don't swish in the mouth
3) Take a deep breath, sip, swallow and breathe out

This made a huge difference, there were subtle hints I might have missed in the flavor if I hadn't been told that from the start. What a difference from any other tasting I have ever done! For instance, I not only felt like I had just taken a bite of pear, but I could tell there was more than one in there.

The Breaking & Entering Bourbon is sexy with a smooth, spicy finish with a scent of toffee. And the name? Well, let's just say there was a little of that going on to get their hands on some Kentucky barrels.....

Firelit Coffee Liqueur made me want to bust out cheesecake with this as caramel sauce. Created from brandy and single origin cold brew beans, this is the one that will make coffee lovers stand up and sing.

And then there's the Absinthe. I'm a bad girl. I have had the stuff no one ever talks about and no one's supposed to have. My opinion though, is that this is the one to beat. There are some botanicals in there that are not traditional and will make purists shout about the wrongness of it all. While they shout, I will be enjoying my glass of the green liquid and having a lovely time.

The cloudy goodness

Really Paulie?! With root beer?! Okay, well, you're in charge....
 This tasting will be some of the best use of your time, ever, trust me on that. They don't mind if you ask lots of questions, which means I was in heaven. Be sure to try the Buddha's Hand vodka, which I swear is better than the first time I tried it years ago. Big thanks to the entire gang for being so super amazing, you rock!!

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