The 2013 Life List

Can you believe it? Here we are at year number four of creating the life list. The original was inspired by Traca Savadogo and has evolved from there. Some things have been easy to cross off the list (learning to draw, taking up crochet, sewing classes) while some have remained a bit elusive like that trip to France...

This year I decided to take a look to see what I really wanted to keep, what I needed to add and what I am no longer moved by. This is me, now 37 and a half (what, if my six year niece can rock it, so can I!) and ready to really live more fully. According to my own standards!

My 2013 Life List is not about what I want to do before 2014. It is about what I want to do with my life. One of my all time favorite quotes Opportunities multiply as they are seized by Sun Tzu seems so apt here. They are easy to get when you reach out and grab them! Be sure to share what goals you are adding to your life list, I would love to see!

1) passport.....The paperwork is filled out! Just need the pictures and to pay the fee!

2) practice tea blending. I played around a bit last year, it's time to get serious! (see #11)

3) crochet clothes. I really need to make myself some sweaters!

4) Do more diy, canning, cocktails, accessories. Life skills, baby.

5) Visit Portland. Which will happen soon so I can hang out with this guy. He says it is best to come in the spring.
6) learn to spin fiber. My amazing friend Maia from Tactile Fibers is teaching me. I am not yet good.

7) Move more. Pilates, dancing, yoga. Whatever gets me moving I want more of it.

8) Archery and knife throwing. I can already hear the cries of terror. Haha!

9) Take Thai, Indian and Chinese cooking classes

10) Eat at August. Eat at Herbfarm.

11) Own a tea shop that is craft store adjacent.

12) Record an album of my songs.

13) Publish my books (short stories, poetry, cookbooks? sure)

14) Host my own TV show

15) Become a better swimmer

16)  Become more minimalist

17) sell more of my art
18) Learn to play an instrument

19) Travel! The Pyramids, Seattle, Alaska, the Caribbean, Hungary, Greece, Spain, Paris, New York, Ireland, Britain, Santa Fe, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Russia, the South of France, my beloved N'Awlins. Oh hell, I'm changing it to 'Become a jet setter.'

20) Get back into pastry. I want to play with Austrian and Hungarian pastry. And make more candy!

21) Immerse myself in art. Drawing, painting, photography.

22) Be kinder to my inner child. Thankfully, I am already more compassionate to my outer adult.

23) Become a better sewer and make my own clothes

24) do more diy skincare. Because I don't want to live in a bubble!

25) Go fan girl on Pierre Herme. I went fan girl on Emily Luchetti in 2012. She was so sweet!

26) Get a bicycle

27) Move into a nicer space

28) Give in to my inner girlie girl.

What are you ready to add or remove from your life list? What things are you ready to tackle for a fuller expression of life?

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