The Good Food Awards Tasting

This is the first year I have attended any of the Good Food Awards events and I must say we found some products we agree absolutely shine!

I am not personally much of a coffee drinker as I need too much cream and sugar to make it palatable. Also all that caffeine gives me a stomach ache. I was delightfully surprised by the gents from Austin with Cuvee coffee's El Molino Witness Project. If I were to start drinking java this would be my go to. Smooth, easy finish with no bitterness and so clean I could drink it straight with no qualms.

In the chocolate bars there were many delicious choices. I especially liked Ritual Chocolate out of Colorado. Both bars were 75% cacao with the Madagascar bright and fruity while the Costa Rican was more subtle yet equally tasty. Sadly I missed out on most of the confections & pickles as we headed there last. I did taste the Huckleberry Truffle from Arrowhead Chocolates which was flavorful and not too sweet. My favorite jam was Innajam's pretty spicy Fresno Chili, a not too spicy little number with enough heat to wake you but not knock you out.

The best thing we tried that you can only get where it is made: Chili Verde Cerveza from Pagosa Brewing Co. If you happen to be in Pagosa, Co I can tell you this is one of the most intriguing beers I have ever tried. Made with the hatch chili it is certainly worth checking out if you happen by that way. We did have the chance randomly meet some delightful cheese shop owners from Austin. John & Kendall are very friendly so you should go visit their very gorgeous looking place.

Now for the drinks! Dancing Pines Whiskey and Rum were both highly drinkable. Boyd and Blair Vodka had two cocktails available, one with Earl Grey and one with citrus. A standout in the cocktails this vodka has an understated richness one doesn't expect from vodka. Organic Nation Gin is on my list of things I would love to see in my liquor cabinet. Piney and delicious in a gin gimlet! The other thing I need to have in there is the Dad's Hat Rye which I have been hearing quite a bit about lately. It was exciting to find that it lives up to the hype.

It was fun to try some of the best foods from across the country and see what people are up to. I look forward to seeing who shines next year and to discover more fantastic things throughout 2013!

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