The 2012 'Did It' List

Last year I created a 'Did It' list inspired by this post and it helped muchly. Most of my life has been spent listening to people say 'She just doesn't live up to her potential', leaving me with the feeling that no matter I do it is never enough. The beauty of the 'did it' list is that I can see fully what I have done. I can celebrate myself with a pat on the back because that makes me more. And the best part is that thanks to my life coach I keep track of what I have done week to week. For myself. To create space to give myself room to grow. I think you should do it to.

I have also spent the last year looking for clues about what I am meant to do next and the yearning has slowly but surely made itself clear. In the New Year I fully intend to follow that line of thought and see where it goes. Realizing that the path is never straight, being filled as it is with detours! Make a list of the things you have done, fully recognize it and then give yourself a break. It's been a rough year for many but we made it through. I'm sharing the list with you not to brag but because what I have discovered is that celebrating your successes is not vain, it is vital.

In 2012 I:

*Read a ridiculous amount of books. I really liked Georgette Heyer, Inspiration Sandwich, and the Science of Getting Rich
*Started a knit/crochet with my friend Anna (it will be back in 2013!)

*Practiced good self care and compassion. Which has created a huge shift in how I feel about myself. And others.

*Crocheted scarves. And pins. And more.

*Did Pilates. And it kicked my ass. I loved it!!
*Took a belly dancing class.

*Wrote a few poems & songs. Started a couple short stories. Worked on my book(s).
*Created my first digital download.
*Attended Stitches West for the first time. It was pretty fabulous. I, of course, bought the weirdest stuff I could find to crochet with.
*Drew, painted and doodled. A lot.

*Sent my first newsletter
*Met one of my chef crushes, the delightful Emily Luchetti
*Got a sewing machine. Which I still haven't used.
*Went to bartending school! I even bartended at the U.S. Open.
*got a job (after two years off. yay!)

*was in my first cocktail competition. It was a real eye opening experience. Turns out I do like competition in the right context.

*bought my first corset (it's the French Underbust in red satin!)

*Took better care of my health than ever before. Healthy fruits and vegetable smoothies!I took naps and breaks when I needed them. Crazy, I know.

What wonderful things did you do this last year that you are ready to celebrate? I invite you to share, I would love to celebrate you and all you do! If you blog about it let me know so I can link to you! And if you want to check out another 'did it' list, visit Stephanie and see what she did this year. An amazing amount of good!! 

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