Coming Clean

I spent most of the week hunting down a check and trying to figure out how not to take a job I didn't want.

I am seriously hoping that the check issue will get worked out today and I was saved from the bad job by a good job. The reason I am telling you all this is because this week, I had some serious trouble avoiding the voices in my head. The ones that kept telling me I needed a job asap in spite of the fact that if you want to be  technical, I currently have three.

Or the voice that reminded me that 19 days from today I will be 37 and have nothing to show for it.

And then I made a shift.

Because I really do have three jobs. Sure they are just beginning, mostly on call right now, but I have them! I also have some really amazing people in my world who rallied around me the other day when I most needed people to do just that. When breaking it all down, I am not only lucky I am downright blessed.

'Bubbles' (C)2012 S.M. Raven

Last week I lost my glasses, oh the crisis, oh the angst! And again, two of my friends offered to pay for news and another offered me one of her extra pairs. This doesn't really sound like I am living a life of lack, though yes, there are many times when I feel that way.

There is nothing wrong with days when you are feeling low. Just don't let them drag you down to the bottom of the depths. Allow yourself to see and be buoyed by all the love that comes to you, which sometimes isn't actively acknowledged.

What shift do you need to make right now to make the rest of this week better for you?


  1. This is so relevant for me right now as on June 19th I turn 40 (do we have the same birthday?!), and have been wallowing in poor me thoughts. I certainly do not have the financial security and family I expected to have by this marker. I too am trying to focus on receiving and embracing what is good in my life. Thank you for the pick-me-up.

    I love your painting! Holding thumbs that the right job opens up for you soon.

    1. I am the day after you! We will have to meet up for hugs and birthday celebrations! So glad that this resonated with you and thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment!

    2. Actually I'd love to! Ping me if you'd like to meet up for a birthday coffee/tea/drink this month. I'm sure we'll have lots to talk about :)