Independently Happy

Last year, I had someone tell me that it seemed like I craved the drama of my old life because I miss certain people. At the time, I thought that she could possibly be right.

Upon further reflection though, it is quite easy for someone who has had an easy life to make that sort of assumption.

Much has happened in my life and since I am only a third of the way through it, it seems daunting to people that I have seen so much pain and come out on the other side still happy.

I'm here to tell you this: Unhappiness is severely overrated.

Moving into a space where I don't dwell on my mistakes has allowed me to see my true worth. Sure I have bad days, everybody does.  

But we never have to be whatever someone else tells us we are.
I am vulnerable. I am ready to live my best. And just because I miss people from my past doesn't mean I crave drama. It just means I can look back with clear eyes.


  1. Well Said Luna well said I love the blog by the way!!

  2. Reflection without judgment gives me perspective and allows me to see clearly to where I wish to go. (By the way, what is wrong with craving drama; it beats out boredom.) :) Great blog, Luna!

  3. Thank you ladies! Clarity is certainly my focus this year :)