Getting Still

The last few weeks I have been pretty quiet due to the fact that I have been busily working on the next aspect of my journey. Turns out to be bartending school! I had some issues to work through surrounding this shift. I was really unprepared for it. But it came after I gave it up to the universe and this is the opportunity that presented itself. So I had to get to a place where I could look at the whole situation clearly and without negative judgement.

After a few weeks with no crocheting, I finished a free form scarf and then moved on to making myself a new purse. Here are the gussets and handle on top of the base. This one will be sturdier and better lined!

I've also been doing art this past week in my limited down time. My sketchbook is getting filled with some really good stuff and my watercolors have been getting a workout! Gotta flex those art muscles.

The most amazing thing that has happened this last week is that I feel still. My mind is not working overtime as it normally does. With some help from a good friend and my life coach I was able to remember the endgame and know how to get myself there. My abundance is flowing because I am not worried about it doing so. I'm just in it.

And there is some good stuff ahead so stay with me :)

What has been happening with you this past few weeks? What is working? What isn't?


  1. I'm pretty sure I'd be thrilled to have you create a tasty beverage for me – this seems like a great outlet for your creativity!

  2. Aw, thanks Sam! All my friends have been amazingly supportive, and all you rock!!!

  3. Yay! Happy for you, and the next phase. Still is where you want to be: at peace.

    Like Sam, I'm looking forward to what you shake up!

    - Janna

  4. Really excited for you, lovely girl. It takes courage to make the kind of changes you're embarking upon. I'm looking forward to enjoying a tipple of your creation when you're ready to go.