The Longings of the Silent Soul

I long to dance with wild abandon amidst the shifting sands of a gorgeous beach, twirling my skirts and singing my songs

I long to stand on a balcony looking up at the Eiffel Tower at midnight with a glass of the finest champagne

I long to feel so loved and so loving that my heart might burst open, spilling forth more joy than I ever dreamed possible

All this and more

I long to be recognized, seen and celebrated, mostly by my own self

I long to feel close to the divine in all her glory, knowing that she put me here to shine so bright that those around me need sunshades

I long for ease in every moment, long to give up struggle, of taking a deep breath, bringing ease in, everyday

All this and so much more

I long to forgive myself and those who hurt me

I long to live decadently, luxuriously, in sanctuary, exactly as that means to me

I long to be fluid like water, to tell my story, to allow myself to be sacred and know that I am a spark of divine fire

S.M. Raven (c) 2013


  1. This is so heart wrenchingly beautiful! I mean, seriously. I am going to print this this, because it is straight form my heart. I need to read this everyday. Everyday! xo

  2. Such beautiful words. Lovely! :)