There's A Light

It's never comfortable to feel lost. So I spend a lot of time feeling uncomfortable. Unruly. Aware yet half asleep. It doesn't happen for long anymore, thankfully, though I am troubled that it still happens at all.

I know where I get lost. Losing my way is a result of not doing something that brings me joy, something that makes me feel good, something that brings me to a higher elevation. Usually something causes a distraction that knocks me just enough off course that I have to correct. That drives me crazy.

I can laugh about that now because this knowledge is such a gift. Sure, it sometimes feels like driving in circles but now the circles are wider & skirting new neighborhoods. So, that's a start.

When I made the cover of Blackberry: a magazine the first time, I did a give away. You can still grab a copy of this issue and the current one, where I also grace the cover (!) and support this wonderful magazine, a labor of love from the wonderful publisher/editor/bottle-washer Alisha.

I still have a lovely 5x7 copy of the photo and to say thanks for my sponsored spot in the upcoming Joy Up, thought I'd make this gesture to give the second copy to someone. A little something to get me back in the groove, to remind me that taking pictures feels good, that despite the many paths started down that turned out not to be mine, art is. It's okay to lean into that and feel joy around it. To share that love.

Today I feel joyfull to have such an amazing group of women in my world that help me just by existing. My grateful heart is bursting. Leave a comment about something that is bringing you joy today and that's it. I will pick a winner this weekend!


  1. Something that is bringing me joy today is the support of lots of sisters :)

  2. Today, my heart is filled with joy seeing photos I shot yesterday of my boy-child playing outside. It's harder to find times to take impromptu portraits of him (in action) as he gets older. But each time I do, I am reminded of just how precious he really is.

  3. Today my 8 week old, smiled at me, my 3 yr old sang me a story, there is an awesome thunderstorm going on right now. And I might have made a few new friends, stellar day for me

  4. Right now your blog is bringing me joy. I am absorbing every word.

    Just wonderful.

    Kari xo