A Deeper Transformation

It's been quiet over here, I know, crickets chirping quiet. There has been some crisis, both my own and others. And for the past 29 days I have been doing vision book work with the lovely Hannah Marcotti. If you are ready to feel deeply, begin some fresh shifting and are willing to do the work I highly recommend this. Fair warning: this is not a trip for the faint of spirit or heart.

Day 3
 The other day while working on said vision book I caught up with Super Soul Sunday. A year and a half ago while exploring vulnerability Brene Brown was my guide. Listening to her talk about it was a deep reminder of how far I have come & have yet to go on that score. This time she said something about authenticity that had me riveted.

"Authenticity is a choice and you choose it everyday. It's a practice. When you walk into a meeting, you have to make a choice. Am I going to show up and let myself be seen?"

And then Oprah went there. You knew she would.

"When I am inauthentic is when I have allowed myself to be around people who were not (authentic) and then I have to fake it to be with them."

Wince. uh...oh. Ah. AH!!!!!! Aha.

I have remained tied to places and people I no longer feel connection to while slogging through the swamp toward those who call to me. Distancing myself from all sides. Yet somewhere in the process of the last 29 days I can feel that shift that is sending me closer to where I want to go, where I need to go, where I long to go.

Have the hots for the experience of being seen, witnessed and valued- Chris Zydel
This means realigning with my word for the year: more. It means feeling some things out to see where I would like to land. For now. It means shedding some things I don't want or need while picking up some new things. And some old things I dropped along the way that still mean something. Who really knows? What matters is that this is a chance for renewal. And I am ready to take it.



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