The Miracle of Love

What if you opened the closed door of your soul a tiny little crack? What would happen?
I suspect love might creep in. It might start out unnoticed. Sooner or later though, it would be to feel expansive. Illuminating. Hopeful.




For the asking.

The Universe has more than enough to give to every single living being in the whole entire world and still have plenty leftover. Don't feel selfish. Let love in. Unlock the door. Throw open your arms. Let yourself be wapped up in the comforting miracle of love in every form. (Unless it's stalker love. Then run like hell!) You aren't just loveable, my friend. You are love.

But sometimes the 'Verse needs a bit of help. Like that tiny crack I mentioned above. So this Valentine's Day don't worry about a date, or a fancy dinner. Don't worry if you are alone. Because if love can get in, you never really are.

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