I Like To Move It

The past month I've been working to incorporate more movement into my life. Well in line with my word for the year of 'more', I decided that since I have a fabulous and brightly colored yoga mat I should be using it! The story of my yoga mat is one of those divine moments that I love: I walked out my front door and saw my neighbor walking toward me with a yoga may tucked under her arm. When I inquired if she was off to a class, she said no, she was about to toss it and did I want it?

Oh yeah I did.

My yoga mat still looks as new as it did the day she handed it to me. It is getting more use lately. As always the magic of YouTube knows no bounds. The search for gentle yoga led me here and then here. I like each of these teachers for different reasons. The best thing I can say is that you should try never do more than you know can and if there is a feeling of physical inflexibility I suggest you start with Amber's video.

The act of stretching seems to be making a big difference in my day. Even if I didn't sleep that well or if I don't feel quite up to the day it has become evident to me that even five minutes of this loving action is beneficial. In fact even I can't work myself up to doing a whole routine I do Cobra pose. It helps open you up in ways that you can't imagine.

Want more? Why not go check out Anna over at Curvy Yoga? I follow her on Twitter and she is the real deal! There has never been a better time to get that body moving!

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