Affirming Miracles

Years ago I started down the road toward the law of attraction the way many others did, by listening to Louise Hay, Shakti Gawain and Anthony Robbins. Truthfully affirmations have helped me immensely on many levels which leads me to believe that they can be valuable.

What do you do when the affirmations don't take? Because some of them cannot take root. That is a hard truth because we want to believe that it really can just be that easy. Last year I found myself in the space of using this affirmation: life is easy while finding myself more and more resistant to it. I finally sat down with someone who knows me really well, to see what I might be missing in my exploration.

His response as a long time part of my world shouldn't have surprised me but it did; as I have spent my whole life working for everything I got there is still a part of me that doesn't believe that life is easy for me. I believe it is getting easier. Yes. Yes, I do! There are however enough things beyond my control that need to be changed for me to know that life is not necessarily easy. I was also fighting a money affirmation, which is so not helpful.

So with all that in mind I picked up Sark's Inspiration Sandwich and took a bite. Luckily for me on page 25 the words leaped right off the page and up at me.

"Learn to step lightly from one miracle to the next. Feeling rich is available to anyone, at anytime. Especially you!"

I have been less worried about money since I stopped panicking, started saying yes more often and been willing to enjoy experiences on the off chance that they won't all be the same. Miracles happen. They have happened to me more than once. I may not feel that life is easy but (there I go again!) I can, with confidence move from miracle to miracle with the knowledge that they exist.

What affirmation do you need to recreate? How can recreating a non-working affirmation help move you forward?

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