Don't Change a Thing For Me

As I have been reminded quite a bit over the last year, self care is vital to survival. No matter what else, that always seems so hard for many of us to remember. Self care is vital to survival. We live with pain, angst, being tired and stressed out. We live everyday trying to make other people happy and comfortable all while ignoring our own needs. Our own needs matter, too, sometimes more than those of others. After all, how can we tend to those we love if we are not well?

It's so past time for that to stop.

My big reminder this time around was that there is a difference between being polite and compromising myself. When I am so polite that I allow someone to simply take over my time, cause me stress, cross my boundaries that is a compromise that should never be allowed. It is not acceptable that the sitaution should leave everyone else happy and myself miserable. It is part of the self care ritual: remembering that I matter, too. My comfort is important. My joy matters. And so does yours, my friend.

Try not to put yourself in places where you have to miserable for others to be happy. It isn't okay. It isn't the sort of sacrifice that any one who loves you should ever ask for. While it is wonderful to want to do for others, that should never come at the cost of yourself.

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