Where do You Want to Go?

I know where I'm going.
I even see how it's beginning to happen as it takes shape. But I'm not ready to get there yet.
'Serenity' photo (C) Seletta M Raven
Well, that isn't really true. I am more ready than ever before. I am actively working towards it. Some days it feels as though no progress has been made in any direction, though that is far from true. Where I want and need to go doesn't look to me anything like it does to anyone else. I am finally comfortable with letting the flow happen. Because fighting the current only causes more trouble!

My ultimate goal is to have my needs met and my wants exceeded.

Where are you wanting to go that you are not quite ready for? Is it different from the expectations of those around you? Where do you want to go and how can your community help you get there?

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