Housing the Sole

one of my contributions from 30 days of creativity June 2011

I think a lot about my feet. We stand on them and they hold us up for hours at a time. They allow us to walk, sometimes miles, before we allow them to rest. We don't take care of them the way we should, though, honoring the gift that they bestow upon us. I personally am grateful everyday for having feet that take me where I want to go on my nicely working stems.

My sister takes poor care of her feet. I discovered last year that apparently when our dad was handing out advice on taking care of the feet, he only was talking to me, the daughter with the sudden random growth spurt and long feet. I walk everywhere, so keep my nails trimmed, try to always wear good shoes and if I need to, soak them in salt & bubble bath.

Being kind to the limbs at the end of your legs is important. When I see a person who is no longer easily mobile, I think about how much I would miss that and then I go for a long walk in the sunshine because I can and what a blessing that is! Do what the picture says, and all will be just fine.

Want to treat your feet?

Plan to do nothing for 10 to 20 minutes. Put down a towel. Get something you can easily put both of your feet in and add some warm water. I like it slightly hot so it doesn't cool down too fast. Toss in a handful of Epsom salt. When I run out, I use sea salt, which still has some nice texture to it. Add some of your favorite scent bubble bath or soap and as an extra, add a bit of oil (I like coconut) to help soften. Grab a second towel and a book, sit down, soak your feet. Relax! Enjoy this peaceful moment.

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