Respecting Values

Last week during my life coaching session, Patricia and I talked about two really big things: 
Reinvention and values. 
I made some notes on what I value, even though it didn't seem like enough to me. It felt like there should be more, so clearly I was hiding some things from myself.

Cherry Blossoms from our old backyard
This week I have been doing a lot of writing and chatting with a friend. What has come up has been rather interesting. Some of the things I value are freedom, honesty, kindness, knowledge and movement.

But I don't always practice giving those things to myself.

I compromise to make others happy because it seems like the right thing to do. This is not my belief. It is however a belief of my mother's. It made me realize that the reason I am experiencing certain things over and over is because I do not keep my values the way they need to be honored. And I don't leave space for others to respect them either.

Pretty embarrassing, huh? So I made the decision that from this point forward any yes I give has to be a sacred one. Not a thoughtless of course I'll help one, but I a true I want and/or need to do this for you. Because it benefits us both. I am including me as part of the you, a habit I have never really practiced before.

For true reinvention, I have to give myself space to honor my values and growth.

What are your values that you might be ignoring? Are you saying yes when really mean no? Or are you saying no when you really mean yes? As always, share with me below!

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