A Surprising Anniversary

I can hardly believe it is already November! Since it is though I need to start it off right. This is a month to be thankful and today I am thankful for the love that I am surrounded by daily. In fact, I have been surrounded by the love above for a whopping 12 years. Sascha has been with me through my sickly mid twenties, culinary school, the death of soul mother, the loss of my family home, the death of my brother, and the last two years while I effed making art, he held the fort down and made sure we had a roof and food.

Today I am thankful that we made it through good times and bad, that we have a dog we love, a safe place to live and that we really do still love each other. Actually more than we did at the beginning. Happy Anniversary my love! Now, I'm off for a cuppa!

What are you grateful for today? Happy November 1st!

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  1. Congratulations to you both! I gotta say though - I like the beard! ;)