A Curious Girl: Creating Space..... In the Kitchen

I don't like my kitchen.

Okay, to be fair, for the last two years or so I have actively hated my kitchen with a passion.The layout is ridiculous, the space is too small and you cannot imagine how much I miss having a double sink, something I took for granted growing up.

A few weeks ago, I felt something stir within me that ended up being some high falutin' coffee shortbread cookies. Rolled out. Then cut into little hearts. Which is really a lot like work and more time than I ever want to spend in my kitchen.

This past weekend I threw out expired food, I gave away stuff that would never get eaten. I reorganized cupboards and drawers and unlike my usual efforts, I did it one spot at a time. (I am infamous for dumping everything out and panicking because I don't know where to start. Go figure.)

Today, the act of turning on the light made me feel good. I walked into my kitchen and felt....space. There's even room for my new sewing machine tucked away into a cupboard!

When we allow ourselves to remove what we don't need we create space for what we do. It helps create breathing room, leading to more of the good stuff.

What blocks are you ready to clear? What space is ready and waiting to be created by you?

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