Nourish The Soul

As a rule, it isn't something that we as a society are good at. We are often neglectful not only of those around us but of ourselves. I have been reminded this last month about the cost of such behavior. Without soul nourishment we get isolated, hungry and tired. It seems to me that the holidays would be the perfect time to find joy, to laugh, to love and yet so many of us are anxious and worried instead, mostly about things so far beyond our control that they are in the end irrelevant.


This quote from Thomas Moore really struck me the first time I heard it for that very reason: the soul is not a problem. The soul is just fine. We are the problem, running from moment to moment without seeing it or feeling the joy, the sadness, the life that comes with each one. That is life. The moments that accumulate around us while we wait for life to happen. While we stress about every little thing that is going wrong we are missing out on all that is right. We forget, we don't forgive. We push the pieces of the puzzle in even if they don't fit. This holiday, I'm not playing by anyone elses rules. Newp. I will nourish myself and my soul by whatever means necessary. That may mean eating at strange hours or walking four miles just to get my energy centered. 

What will you do to nourish yourself? Really nourish yourself? Because, baby, your soul is waiting.

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