2012: A Year in Review

I shared my 'Did It' list for the year but I have some more to say. So I thought I would write up a little something sums up how I feel about the past year. 2012 was a rough year for many people. We have seen so much this year that has been startling and painful.

*One of the things that troubled me early this year was The Hunger Games. Not the books themselves but rather the insanely racist responses to some of the casting. Most of the people who were upset read the book. I read the book. People were upset that some of the characters were black. I totally got that the characters were black. They made unbelievably racist comments. I shook my head in sadness.

 *On another front, politicians once again distracted us from important questions like what will you do about the budget? and when you create a jobs bill? by picking on women. That is not to say that women's issues are not important, more that at this point I am convinced they do everything they can to distract us. I am also convinced that these men are either the stupidest men in the world or the smartest. I don't know. Because either they are distraction geniuses or truly so ignorant of human anatomy that they say really dumb things like 'a woman can shut down her body during rape.' Um, what?

*The World didn't end. Again. Much to the disappointment of naysayers and doomsday lovers everywhere the Apocalypse didn't happen. I feel kind of bad for all those who were waiting for it. Assuming of course that these are the same people who were busily giving away their world possessions to prepare for the rapture. So to disappoint you guys, but stop blaming the Mayans and try pointing the finger at all the wild predictors of The End.

*The U.S. has no idea what is going on anywhere else. That might sound unfair but did you know that as of September 2012 both Greece and Spain have a 25% unemployment rate? That there were violent riots earlier in the year because of the Euro? Yes? Great, help yourself to a cookie. No? Well, I suggest you google it.

*Memes took over Facebook and annoyed many, many people

*Large sugar filled drinks were banned in New York, California cities decided to enforce the ban on plastic bags that they passed years ago.

*Russia bans U.S. adoptions. What I hope is that this will create an increase of the adoptions of American children, many of whom spend their lives floating through a system that could seriously care less about them. It seems totally silly that Americans are adopting babies from other countries while American babies are being adopted by parents in other countries. For the record, I am pro adoption but I think that the system needs a serious overhaul.

*People went crazy with guns. In a big way. The Newtown massacre was awful. It doesn't stop there. We owe it to our children to create the safest spaces possible for them to live, play and get educated. All of them.

There is good news though, happening every day. This site tracks and shares it, because we could all use some good news!

It is my hope that 2013 will indeed see a more enlightened, more loving, less obsessed with stupid celebrities and reality shows version of the world come about. In the meantime, what happened in 2012 that stunned, moved or irritated you?

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