My 2014 Life List

Per the usual, I don't make resolutions I write life lists. After all, a life is never too long to get things done! This year has been updated to reflect many of the changes that happened as of the middle of 2013 that at first seemed like the end of the world yet seemed to have turned out to be the beginning.... In no particular order:

1) Get passport (I know, I know, this one has been on the to-do list too long!)

2) meet more of my Joy sisters in real life
3) deepen my yoga practice
4) Visit New York
5) restart my jewelry business the way I want to
6) Get back to N'Awlins 
7) get a new bicycle
8) Visit chocolate museum in Spain
9) Learn wing chun
10) visit Alaska, make preserves and fairy magic with Laura and Heather
11) Move to a new apartment
12) Catch up on classes!

13) Sell more art
14) Eat dessert at Pierre Herme
15) Attend a tea class at Heaven's Tea School and Mariage Frere
16) learn more about herbs
17) get out of debt
18) Visit a tea plantation
19) Eat at Mystic Pizza
20) Get deeper into painting and art
21) Learn to crochet clothes
22) finish writing my novel
23)  Own my own tea and dessert shop
24) Travel to Greece
25) Eat street food in Barcelona and Madrid
26) Eat and drink in France
27) fall in love again
28) get better at selling myself as the awesome person I am
29) Learn (better) French
30) take up archery
31) be a world traveler
32) Eat lobster rolls on the East Coast
33) Eat my way through Portland (actually, working on this now!)
34) Remember to surrender

35) Revisit Seattle and actually go where I want
36) See the tulips in Amsterdam
37) Visit Santa Fe
38) Visit the Caribbean
39) Become proficient in Hungarian pastry
40) visit Vancouver!
41) See the Pyramids
42) Visit the Hermitage
43) Make my own liqueur/Make my own bitters
44) Learn to play piano
45) Record an album of my music
46) Publish a cookbook (or two. Or three)
47) Learn to swim well
48) Take a train trip
49) Create a clothing line for women

50) Host my own TV show "Lost Desserts of the World"
58) sword fighting/knife throwing
51) Be a lounge singer
52) Eat at August
53) Eat at Herbfarm
54) Learn to make Thai Food
55) Start a shoe line for women with longer feet.
56) Visit Savannah and eat fried shrimp (Thank you, Patricia!)
57) cook my way through my favorite books

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