Conversations With The Universe

I don't meditate much. When I do it seems like most of my time is spent quieting the chatter so I can get clear. Yesterday, ah yesterday. Tragedies of 1st world proportions were happening so I decided that maybe all that chatter might just actually need to be heard.....


Me: Hey Universe? Can we chat?

Universe: Of course.

Me: So, what gives? I'm working hard, really trying to let my light shine and put myself out there. What happened this past week? It felt a little...much.

Universe: You know. Just checking in.

Me: Checking in? Having me sit in overwhelm before breaking the blender in a freak wind and killing the laptop is checking in?

Universe: It's not a problem if you're committed. You're smart. You'll figure it out.

Me: *sigh* You know, I am so sick of hearing that. Honestly? Sometimes I think you hate me.

Universe: What?!! No way!! In fact, I'm really crazy about you!

Me: Okay, then how about cutting me some slack?

Universe: *snorts* Dollface, I've given you breaks. You really like to do things the hard way.

Me: *blushing* I don't. Actually, ease and flow sound pretty delightful right now.

Universe:'re ready for ease?

Me: Oh yes! I get it, you think I can't handle a life without chaos. We have proven that I really can though. I'm not asking for rainbows and Unicorns. Though I'm not oppossed if you feel like you want to toss those in, too.

Universe: Okay, then. More ease it is.

Me: Oh, and more glitter, please.

Universe: *nodding* Unicorns and more glitter. Got it. 


  1. Definitely more glitter! What a great conversation, here's to more ease coming your way.

  2. *cheers* Here's to more ease. And glitter.