Encounters of the Confusing Kind

I deleted the post I originally had planned for today. 
It was a little rant about people who think I hate them.

Until I realized that there is something even worse than people thinking I hate them.

People thinking I hate them and wanting to be around me anyway.

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 Disturbing, no? This, in my opinion, sad and confusing. Even worse is the fact that it isn't startling because it is hardly the first time it's happened. In general people who think I hate them tend to want to be around me even more than people who know I love them. 

My original post made me feel as though I had to apologize for someone else's neurosis and I realized I don't. It isn't my job to teach people to love themselves, right? Well, maybe it is. I have spent many years being an evangelist for self love. Anyone who mistreats you doesn't deserve your love, your loyalty or your heart.But. If there is a lot of longing to be around someone you believe you can barely stand you, it might be time for a little therapy.

This week I have a challenge for you: take a serious step back and examine some of your relationships. Are you fruitlessly chasing love? Are you allowing in people who don't make your heart sing to hold said heart in their hands? Are you projecting feelings onto some innocent bystander who is really trying to give you love?

And just so it's on the record, if you ever want to know if I don't like you the answer is really easy: I make no effort to talk to you. Ever. Anywhere. I don't respond to anything you say and if I have to see you face to face and can only talk blandly about the weather....

What love are you pursuing that doesn't honor your heart?

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  1. Just wanted to say I love you!!!!