Repost:: DIY Hankies

I love this post from the old blog from last May, so I thought I would share it here, a nifty way to DIY some hankies quickly and with very minimal sewing skills. Very! Actually, I am much better at hand sewing now.....

Spring is currently killing me. My eyes water and my nose is stuffed up which is why I decided I need to start carrying handkerchiefs. I really didn't want to go buy any as we have a plethora of fabric at hand that could be utilized for such a project when it hit me: I have the perfect thing.

When I worked in kitchens I kept my hair back by means of scarves. Some of these are very pretty, brightly colored cotton confections that my mom found inexpensively at Walmart. So I decided I could easily quarter a few, hem them and add lace or not as was my want.

I chose two,one in pinks and one in purples and set to work. So for about $1 plus an hour, I now have 8 hankies that will fit easily in purse or pocket and be there when I need them!

What incredibly thrifty thing have you done today? Share your Pennyworthy Project here!

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