Here It Comes Again

I know why it had to be this way
If you asked me for a label
I would graciously resist

"Here It Comes Again" -Please 
Empire Records Soundtrack

It's that time of year again. Hot weather coming hot on the heels of my birthday. Which was amazing this year!  I got treated to the cocktail spirits carnival and spent a wonderful day with my friends, then I was treated to fabulous ramen with even better company and I got art supplies like you would not believe!



art supplies...and a cookbook!
 So the good part is that I have a great life with wonderfully amazing friends. The bad part is that it seems that this is also the time of year when my electronics commit hara-kiri. Okay, so I'm being a tiny bit overdramtic here, but last year at this same time that same laptop died. The motherboard. Again. I do have a laptop that is, well, workable is a word. One could use. In this instance. I guess.

Trying to do homework has been a challenge. Remember how slow your dial up computer was back in the day? Yeah, I know it's a first world problem, but honey there isn't even room to put Word on this thing, let alone Photoshop or a music program. So, in an effort to get myself a new laptop (new new, not used new. That has not worked out for me in, oh, ever) I will be posting my art for sale. At this point I figure, why not? I love to make it, it seems like people love to look at it, so they want to own some of it maybe?

Not to mention that it creates space and the ability for me to create more art & offerings for you! I have a few ecourse ideas noodling around in my brain and hope to have the first one launch by August.

Thanks in advance for your support on this, your cheerleading is always appreciated. Also, if there is something you've seen me post that you don't see listed, drop me a line!

<3 Luna

art supplies, baby!

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