Letting out My Inner Girlie Girl

I have a confession.

I'm a girl. I mean a grrl.....no, I mean a girlie girl.
You see, I grew up, well, weird. My oldest sister is girlie. My middle sister is a tomboy. My mother is girlie but flippant. I am admittedly the first girl who wants to play with knives and went renegade in my teens by becoming the only Black goth in town. I wore velvet dresses and combat boots. To this day I loathe the color pink.

I do however loves skirts, adorable cardigans, bunnies with rayguns and yummy yummy pie. Pie!

Bunny! With a Raygun! Hell yes!!
Why am I telling you this? Because I guess it's time you knew. There are some changes going on inside me, I am, I guess, reaching out to the part of me that resists being like Jess on New Girl and really needs to get over herself. I do believe people are inherently good. I do want to bake. (just not professionally anymore, so do me a huge favor and please stop asking me that question, k?)

I plan to get some more petticoats and some adorable cardigans and dress like my mother did in the 50's because that is what I feel. But I won't give up my raygun toting bunnies. 

What are you being resistant to that you need to embrace? Is today the day to make it so?


  1. What I want to be in my mind, and what my poor body has the energy for are two very different things. I feel kind of like a Stretch Armstrong from Hell..pulled in so many different directions, but no energy and focus to follow any of the directions...so I just sit here ( figuratively, I do not hardly have time to sit any more these days lol ) and wait for something to pull me a little further in a particular direction...but so far it has not happened yet.

    Also? Bunnies with Rayguns? Love it!

  2. I think that is a really accurate way to put it! It isn't always easy to actively be what we feel inside, but I am going to give it my best shot. Also, bunnies and rayguns just go together!